Representatives of the Ufa nursing home will visit the World Draughts Championship

On the 7th of June World Draughts Championship will be visited by the representatives of the Ufa nursing home.

They will not only watch the games but also will communicate with the participants of the Championship. Start at 9.30 a.m.

This event was organized by the initiative of the professional draughts club «Bashneft» and Children's and Youth Sports School № 23 of the city of Ufa.

Thomy Mbongo: I hope to be in the top ten players.


On the 5th of June finished the 5th round of the World Draughts Championship. For the sportsmen and international grandmaster from Cameroon this round was not lucky. He lost. Although Thomy cheers up and even gives interviews to the journalists. In one of the interviews he told us about his impression about Ufa and his game.

- In Ufa I was impressed by many things: hospitable people, tasty food, beautiful girls and vivid nature. Today I lost to Mamoutou from Mali but that is not the end. I hope to be in the top ten players of the Championship.

We should note that Thomy is very extravagant. His head wear impressed not only his colleagues but also fans.

- Head wear is the part of my image. I wear it depending on my mood. Now I took it off because I lost to Mamoutou from Mali.

But people are impressed not only by his head wear but also by his playing style.

- My playing style is unusual, I can even say aggressive – says Thomy. – It was forming during 20 years. (Thomy is 27 years old). Draughts is my work, way of earning money. In his free time Thomy enjoys yoga, football, tennis, basketball. Such sports help him to keep fit and maintain health – supposes Thomy.

Despite the fact that draughts player took his head wear off I asked him to put it on and make a photo. Thomy made it for me with great pleasure.

Congratulate Joel Atse with the anniversary!


Today, on the 5th of June is the 30th anniversary of the African draughts champion, international grandmaster from Cote D’Ivoire N’Cho Joel Atse. To the anniversary Joel made himself a present, he won in the 5th round the international grandmaster Yuriy Ladoga (Ukraine) and having 7 points became the leader of the group.

- The main aim for me was to win and finally I did it. I am satisfied with the result. My family, friends and relatives cheered for me. They were watching the game online. Finally everything turned out good for me – says Joel.

We wish the sportsmen to carry out more interesting combinations, good luck and of course to get the victory on the championship!

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World Draughts Championship: 5th round


On the 5th of June finished the 5th round of the World Draughts Championship. In the group «Andreiko» there are now two leaders: Yuriy Anikeev and Evgueni Watoetin who today won Ganjargal Ganbaatar. Both of them have 7 points each. International grandmasters Georgiev, Getmanski and Baliakin have 6 points each. In the 6th round Bashkir sportsman Alexander Georgiev will play game with Ganbaatar.

In the group «Baba Sy» three games were resultative and two – draw games. Erdenebileg Dul (Mongolia) having 8 points became the only leader. Alexander Schwarzman (Russia) and Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) have 7 points each. Murodullo Amrillaew from Sterlitamak takes the 6 place with 5 points. Tomorrow he will play with the American Nicolas Derival.

In the group «Deslauriers» there were 4 draw games including the game between Ainur Shaibakov and ex world champion Guntis Valneris and game between Adonis Ano and Aleksej Domchev. Although Ano and Ndjofang are still the leaders of the group having 7 points each. But the difference between the 1st and the 8th places is just 2 points. In the 6th round Shaibakov will play with Domchev.

And finally about the «Kuperman» group and more precisely about N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire): today on the 5th of June is his 30th anniversary. He made himself a wonderful present – victory over international grandmaster Yuriy Ladoga (Ukraine) and leadership in the group with 7 points.

Alexey Chizhov (Russia), Raimonds Vipulis (Latvia), Alan Silva (Brazil) have 6 points each. Three more players have 5 points each.

Tomorrow the struggle for the first place in the world championship will continue starting from 10.00 a.m.

Day four video diary

Day three video diary

Harry Otten, the President of the World Draughts Federation, visited one of the most picturesque places of Bashkortostan


On June 4 Harry Otten, the President of the World Draughts Federation, and Andrey Ivanyuta, the minister of the Ministry for Sport and Youth Policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan, have visited one of the most picturesque places of Bashkortostan – Beloretsky district.

Mr. Otten has visited one of the best recreation center Arsky Kamen and the sport complex Abzakovo.

Especially the South Ural Natural Reserve has amazed Harry Otten, its unique natural complexes, high-mountain vegetation and many others.

He has underlined after his trip: «I have fabulous impressions from the trip. Such a beautiful nature of Bashkortostan».

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World Draughts Championship: 4th round


On the 4th of June was carried out the fourth round of the World Draughts Championship.

The most exciting moment of the round was game between the current world champion Alexander Georgiev and the leader of «Andreiko» group Yuriy Anikeev. Representative of Bashkortostan got the second plus draw. Both draw games were with the leading grandmasters of the planet. Anikeev with 6 points is the only leader in his group, other 5 players including Georgiev has 5 points each.

In the 5th round there will be two important games, the first one between Getmanski and Baliakin, the second between Ganjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia) and Evgueni Watoetin (Belarus).

In the group «Baba Sy» during the 4th round in the game between Russian representative Alexander Schwarzman and American player Nicolas Derival the last mentioned gave up. Now multiple champion has 6 point. Alexander Schwarzman together with Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) and Dul Erdenebileg (Mongolia) are the best players in the group. The second three players has 4 points each, the last third three players 3 points each. In the next round which starts today on the 5th of June there will be entertaining games between the master Alexander Schwarzman and Murodullo Amrillaew, Zoja Golubeva and Artem Ivanov. In the group «Kuperman» Pim Meurs (Holland) won Edvard Buzinskij (Lithuania), Raimonds Vipulis (Lithuania) won Zhou Wei (China). Now the difference between the first and the ninth place is 2 points that is only one victory. The leaders of the group with 5 points each are Alexey Chizhov, N’cho Atse, Alan Silva and Raimonds Vipulis.

In the group «Deslauriers» bronze medalist of the last World Championship Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) got today two victories and reached the leader Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire). Each of them has 6 points. Roel Boomstra (Holland) and Alisher Artykow (Uzbekistan) have 5 points each. Guntis Valneris, Ainur Shaibakov, Alexey Domchev have 4 points each. In the fifth round they will three games between the mentioned group: Boomstra – Ndjofang, Ano – Domchev, Shaibakov – Valneris.

Roel Boomstra: World Championship started successfully for me


On the 4th of June in the 3rd round of the Championship Roel Boomstra from Holland played draw game. Roel commented his game as follows:

I played a draw game with the sportsman from Lithuania Aleksej DOMCHEV. At this point of the World Championship I am satisfied with the achieved results. Although all the players are well prepared I think that in my group (Deslauriers) I will be one of the three best players. One of the strongest opponents on the Championship is Alexander Georgiev.

Roel Boomstra – young sportsman from Holland, international grandmaster. He is on the 4th place in the world draughts top list. Roel Bomstra started playing draughts when he was 7 years old. It was his mother who took him to the draughts club for the first time.

- I didn’t like the club itself but I was very interested in such intellectual kind of sport, - said Roel. Draughts is profession for me. I’m planning to dedicate my all my life to draughts. At the present I am a student, I study at the university and learn physics. But I spent less time to it than to draughts.

To the question «Do you consider yourself draughts genius?» he answered:

No, I have many things to learn. I do not give special attention to any of the current grandmasters. I gain experience from each of them.

Thursday the 6th.
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