Thomy Mbongo: I hope to be in the top ten players.

Created on Thursday, 06 June 2013 Written by Elena Ledyaykina


On the 5th of June finished the 5th round of the World Draughts Championship. For the sportsmen and international grandmaster from Cameroon this round was not lucky. He lost. Although Thomy cheers up and even gives interviews to the journalists. In one of the interviews he told us about his impression about Ufa and his game.

- In Ufa I was impressed by many things: hospitable people, tasty food, beautiful girls and vivid nature. Today I lost to Mamoutou from Mali but that is not the end. I hope to be in the top ten players of the Championship.

We should note that Thomy is very extravagant. His head wear impressed not only his colleagues but also fans.

- Head wear is the part of my image. I wear it depending on my mood. Now I took it off because I lost to Mamoutou from Mali.

But people are impressed not only by his head wear but also by his playing style.

- My playing style is unusual, I can even say aggressive – says Thomy. – It was forming during 20 years. (Thomy is 27 years old). Draughts is my work, way of earning money. In his free time Thomy enjoys yoga, football, tennis, basketball. Such sports help him to keep fit and maintain health – supposes Thomy.

Despite the fact that draughts player took his head wear off I asked him to put it on and make a photo. Thomy made it for me with great pleasure.

Tuesday the 11th.
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