Murodullo Amrillaew: Easy victory in the 6th round became the hardest for me.

Created on Friday, 07 June 2013 Written by Elena Ledyaykina


These were the words of the Bashkir sportsmen today on the 6th of June right after the tournament.

- I was playing with the international grandmaster from USA Nicolas Derival. He made a move and saw the winning combination that I could carry out. He tried to cancel his move but it is impossible in draughts. The game was delayed for a while. We created the commission under the chairman of the main judge of the championship Frank Teer. Fortunately there are electronic boards and web cameras which helped me to prove that he really made a move. American Draughts Federation prepared an appeal. I think that they should make an excuse. I have a long-term experience and this is the first time when I see such situation – told the sportsman.

After analyzing his games of the first five rounds of the World Draughts Championship the international grandmaster noted: I was playing not very good. I’ve played draw in two important games with Zoja Golubeva from Latvia and Dul Erdenbileg from Mongolia. So I created a complicated challenge for me. Only three rounds are left. I am in difficult position but I still have chances!

Tuesday the 11th.
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