Artem Ivanov: My position either victory, either draw!

Created on Friday, 07 June 2013 Written by Elena Ledyaykina

On the 6th of June one of the leaders from «Baba Sy» group Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) commented his victory as follows:

"This round was lucky for me. I won the sportsman from Belarus Andrei Tolchykau. I thought this would be draw game, but I was lucky. In general the championship runs good for me. My position either victory, either draw. I try not to loose. But there are three rounds till the end of the semifinal and everything could happen. Anyway I will try to get in the top ten players."

Take into account that after 6 rounds of the championship Ukrainian draughts player Artem Ivanov with 9 points is one of the leaders of his group.

Tuesday the 11th.
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