Jacek Pawlicki: Bashkortostan is a land of beautiful nature and welcoming people

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The World Championship is not over yet, but today, 7th of June, Jacek Pawlicki, director of the FMJD tournaments, has already left.

- My goal is to be at the beginning of the tournament. Unfortunately, due to my official duties I have to leave. Speaking about assessment of this tournament, it is necessary to separate two areas: organization and sport. In terms of sport, we go through some complicated moments. Until the end of the semi-final, a round remains. Only three players from each group will get into the final. So the tension is growing every day. The Africans play quite well, although it is expected. Indeed, in Africa draughts are very popular. Their draughts players are famous and respected people. In terms of organization, Ufa has a huge experience in organizing big international competitions, including draughts. For the last decade, I participated in tournaments in Ufa for three times. I can say that something new and interesting appear every time. For example, a diary was kept during none of the championships. But you do! This is great!

Just recently Mr. Pawlicki visited Beloretsk Region, and shared his impressions following the visit.

- I did not notice how fast time went by during my trip. I noticed that in Bashkortostan people are welcoming and nature is beautiful. I like mountains, which are not quite high but accessible. I think that your animals are very happy because they can run on mountains, - added Pawlicki.

Saturday the 4th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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