The International Draughts World Championship: 7th round

Created on Friday, 07 June 2013 Written by Elena Ledyaykina


On 7th of June, the 7th round of the International Draughts World Championship completed. Aleksander Georgiev is the absolute leader in the “Andreyko” group. He has 10 points in his credit. Yuriy Anikeev, Eugeny Vatutin, Aleksander Balyakin have 9 points. In the 8th round Georgiev will play with Oskar Budis (9th place).

In the “Baba Si” group Aleksander Schwarzman (Russia) outplayed outsider Dickson Maughn (Trinidad and Tobago) and also spurted into the sole lead, having 11 points. Eredenebileg Dul (Mongolia) and Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) fell one point behind him. Murodullo Amrillaew (Russia) has 9 points. In the second-to-last round, meeting of Ivanov and Schwartzman, the main contenders for getting into the final, is of huge interest.

After defeating Wei Zhou (China, 10th place) in the “Cooperman” group, N'cho Joel Atse (Cote d’Ivoire) became a sole leader once again. Aleksey Chizhov (Russia) became the second, having 9 points. Alan Silva (Brazil) has 8 points.

In the “Deslauriers” group Adonis Ano (Cote d’Ivore) and Jean-Marc Njofang (Cameroon) continue to take first places. They have 9 points. Guntis Valneris (Latvia), Roel Boomstra (Holland) and Aynur Shaibakov (Russia) have 8 points. By the way, Boomstra and Shaibakov will meet each other in the next round.

The 8th round of the World Championship will take place on 8th of June, beginning is at 10 a.m.

Tuesday the 7th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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