Semifinal games of the World Draughts Champioship are finished

Created on Monday, 10 June 2013


On the 9th of June finished semifinal games of the World Draughts Championship. On the basis of the results of these games were chosen the finalists:

«Andreiko» group:
1 – Georgiev (Russia);
2 – Anikeev (Ukraine);
3 – Getmanski (Russia).

«Baba Sy» group:
1 – Schwarzman (Russia);
2 – Ivanov (Ukraine);
3 – Dul (Mongolia).

«Kuperman» group:
1 – Chizhov (Russia);
2 – Atse (Cote D’Ivoire);
3 – Buzinskij (Lithuania).

«Deslauriers» group:
1 – Ano (Cote D’Ivoire);
2 – Ndjofang (Cameroon);
3- Boomstra (Netherlands).

In «Andreiko» group four sportsmen have 12 points, depending on the plus games they have the following places: Alexander Georgiev (Russia), Yuriy Anikeev (Ukraine), Alexander Getmanski (Russia).

In «Baba Sy» group the sole leader is Alexander Schwarzman (Russia). He played a draw game and having 13 points he took the first place in the group. The second is Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) – 12 points. Murodullo Amrillaew (Russia) failed to win Dul Eredenebileg (Mongolia) who has 11 points. Mbongo (Cameroon) also has 11 points but he lost by additional criteria, so Amrillaew became the fifth with 10 poits.

In «Kuperman» group two players have 12 points. Depending on the additional criteria the situation is the following: 1 – Alexey Chizhov (Russia), 2 – N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire), 3 – Edvard Buzinskij (Lithuania). He as well as Pim Meurs (Netherlands) and Alan Silva (Brazil) has 10 points. But the representative of Lithuania is ahead by the number of victories and plus draw games.

In «Deslauriers» group the winner is Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire) who was the leader of the group from the very first rounds. He has 12 points. Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) and Roel Boomstra (Netherlands) have 11 points. Roel became the third after the victory in the last round.

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