Alexander Georgiev: it is early to evaluate the results

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One of the leaders of the World Championship and current world champion Alexander Georgiev told us his opinion about the organization of the competition and about the game:

- Championship is held on the high level. The specific feature of this championship is that this is the first time when so many champions take part in it. Organizators did their best! - said the sportsman.

- Today I played with young and talanted grandmaster from Netherlands Roel Boomstra. Although I had an advantage I made a small mistake and our positions matched. No doubt that the current leader Jean Mark Ndjofang is one of the favorites of the championship. But still it is impossible to predict the result. Semifinal games were very difficult, it was morally difficult to become one of the three best players of the group. When the semifinal games finished I felt better. I do not feel tired. After the championship I'm planning to spend time with my family and then take part in the International grandmasters championship.

Many of the participants of the world championship think that Georgiev is one of such kind. But the champion himself said: I also make mistakes, everybody is unique you should not try to be like someone else. You should train more and then you will become successful. We know practically everything about draughts. For ordinary person it is difficult to understand what is going on on the draught-board but for us it is an exciting struggle. Person who better understands the situation becomes the best.

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