Allan Silva: I am happy that I play with the world best players

Created on Sunday, 16 June 2013 Written by Elena Ledyaykina


alanRight after the 4th round I had a chance to talk to a young player, international grandmaster from Brazil Allan Silva. Today in the B-final of the World Draughts Championship he takes 18th place, and he has 4 points. And despite such poor results, he stays positive, commenting on his game with pleasure and poses for the photographers.

- I am happy that I play with the world best draughts players. A game with the Russian player Ainur Shaibakov is best remembered out of 4 rounds of the B-final. It was interesting and quite complicated on a compositional level.

Allan also shared his impressions on Russia, too.

- I visited Russia three times during competitions. And all these three times I was in Ufa. If to speak not about the sport, then nature here is beautiful and girls are wonderful, - the sportsman added.

For many players, the draughts are life, the main type of activity and a way of earning money. It turned out that my interlocutor is a military man, who studies for the sergeant. He manages to combine his complex masculine profession with the draughts.

- In the Brazilian army, many people play draughts, but as a professional only me. In my free time I like to play football, - the grandmaster told.

Tuesday the 7th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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