Harry Otten: Bashkortostan is the leader of draughts players’ qualification!

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World Draughts Championship continued in Ufa. Today will be held the 2nd round. Before the tournament Harry Otten the President of the World Draughts Federation expressed his opinion on the organization of the championship and qualification of the sportsmen.

- What do you think about the organization level of the championship?

Competition is organized on the high level. I like the place chosen for competition. It is very quiet and comfort place with beautiful nature. Such atmosphere helps players to set for the game.

- Tell us about the championship and qualification of the players?

As I have already noticed 40 sportsmen from 24 countries participated in the Championship. Such a large number of participants is a great achievement. I’m very pleased that 6 best draughts players from African countries also came to participate in this Championship. By the way this sport is very quickly develops in African countries but Bashkortostan is considered to be one of the leaders for the draughts players’ qualification. The rising Bashkir sportsmen are Aynur Shaibakov and Aygul Idrisova.

- What is your opinion about our republic?

Bashkortostan has beautiful nature, attractive women, hospitable people and a lot of snow in winter. By the way I visit Bashkortostan quite often and was in Ufa this winter and unfortunately I felt and had a broken bone. Fortunately local doctors executed successful operation for which I express gratitude to the doctors of the city of Ufa. My daughter is going to get married soon and I’m even planning to dance on her wending.

- What are you plans for the future?

Next year Bashkortostan will host a significant event – World mind games championship. Residents of the republic will be able to follow draughts, chess, bridge and Go competitions.

Saturday the 4th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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