Results of the second day

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Three games in each of the groups «Andreiko» and «Baba Sy» were resultative. The second day of the championship was lucky for Yury Nosov (Kazakhstan), Alexander Georgiev (Russia) and Yury Anikeev (Ukraine) (in the first group), for Dul Erdenebileg (Mongolia), Mamutu Mariko (Mali) and Artem Ivanov (in the second group).
In the group «Kuperman» three of the games resulted in plus draw and two games resulted in victories. Alexey Chizhov (Russia), Yury Ladoga (Ukraine) and Edward Buzhinsky (Lithuania) got plus draw. Alan Silva from Brazil and Ndiaga Samb from Senegal who are the leaders in the group won the games. Favorites Chizhov and Mers take the 4th and the 9th places.
In the group «Deslauriers» one victory was got by Alisher Artykov. Leaders of the group are Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire), Roel Boomstra and Alisher Artykov. Each of them has 3 points.
Saturday the 4th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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